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AI-Driven Recruiting for building diverse engineering teams

We fill 80% of the roles we take on in three to four weeks.

   We send you 2-3 high-quality  candidates weekly 

70% of our candidates are from underrepresented backgrounds

90% of our candidates are accepted into the interview process

Our Areas of Focus
Software Engineers






Data & ML

Data Scientist

Data Engineer 

Machine Learning

Computer Vision


Product Manager

 Product Designer

UI/UX Designer

Diversity Matters!

We help companies hire more women engineers and diversify their engineering teams. We provide strategies to attract, retain and close women engineers. 


We run targeted outreach campaigns.

Our campaigns are sent by Mariane for each role. Our technical expertise and background allows us to target and attract women engineers.

We have partnerships with engineering groups focused on advancing women in tech.

We partner with a variety of engineering groups that provide mentorship & support to engineers from underrepresented backgrounds. They introduce us dozens of women engineers who are actively looking for their next role.

We run and host pro-bono 1x1 mentorship sessions to help advance women engineers. 

We offer mentorship before, during and after the job search to women engineers. We help with interview preparation, salary negotiation and career growth.

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