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Specializing in Hiring Diverse Technical Talent For Early-Stage Startups


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At Upward, we specialize in finding top-technical talent for early-stage startups.


We understand the importance of finding a candidate quickly and efficiently.


Our team will work closely with you to create a recruitment strategy that fits your unique needs. Click the button below to schedule a free consultation.

Why Choose Upward Recruiting

Proven Track Record

With a proven track record that includes 25 successful placements, Upward is your trusted partner for sourcing top-tier technical talent. Our CEO is a tech executive who has scaled teams from 7 engineers to 50+ in vibrant tech hubs like San Francisco and New York City. 

Quality & Speed

At Upward, we're committed to delivering top-tier technical talent quickly. We know that in the startup world, time is of the essence, and we're here to accelerate your success. We close 80% of roles in 4-5 weeks, backed by a diverse pool of over 2500 active candidates, ready to drive your startup's growth.

Increase Diversity In Your Pipeline

Cultivate a more diverse talent pipeline with Upward. We're proud to say that 70% of our candidates are women, making us a leader in promoting gender diversity in the tech industry.


Mariane Bekker, CEO & Founder

Mariane Bekker, CEO & Founder, is seasoned tech executive with over a decade of experience building and scaling high-performing engineering teams.

She was previously a Director of Engineering at multiple companies including New Relic and Mindbody and have grown engineering teams from 7 to over 50 in SF and NYC

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Kim Schreiber, CEO

I had a great experience working with Updward Recruiting in sourcing the perfect engineering talent for our team. Mariane helped to scope the role getting to the core of who we wanted and who would be the right fit. She also offered expertise on our interviewing process and created a very compelling executive summary for candidates. We were amazed to find a candidate in less then 2 weeks who had a great culture fit and the skills we were looking for in this hire. I highly recommend Upward for your search!


Johann Scheller Smith, CEO

Upward Recruiting helped us build our founding engineering team quickly. Mariane’s SE background helped her engage talent in engineer-to-engineer conversations. That makes all the difference, especially in competitive market conditions and for hard-to-fill roles.


Sepp Hammer
Software Engineer

Mariane, founder of Upward, builds strong relationships with both companies and engineers of all levels and backgrounds, understanding what the company needs both with respect to the tech and to questions of culture fit in order to build a team. Her experience both as an engineer and in engineering leadership roles is key in making these connections happen!

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